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Are adventure, revenge, Heroism and prejudice all human conditions?

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    Ok so I have to do a comparative essay on a book and a film (I chose The Hobbit) .This is a comparison essay exploring to what degree an inherent film is discussed and how it relates to an aspect of the human condition. So my theme is revenge and the arguments are race, heroism and adventure. I don't know how to put this in my to make a thesis out of this, since it is a comparative essay

    1) Do u think this will be good for my essay? Im doing in my body paragraph how should i compare it to my book (THe Hobbit) and movie (THe Hobbit)?

    2) Can you help me make a sophisticated thesis out of this info: my theme is revenge and the arguments are race, heroism and adventure

    3) Lastly, am i on the right track Ms. Do u think my essay will be right for human condition. Will I be able to have a really nice essay with this information?

    Please help me I am taking Grade 12 Uni English in Summer school...

    Your help will be very much appreciated Ms.Sue

    Thanks alot.

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    I've referred your post to Writeacher who is much more experienced with 12th grade English than I am. She's busy now, but will try to help you within a few hours.

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