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Two particles with charges +8e and -8e are initially very far apart (effectively an infinite distance apart). They are then fixed at positions that are 7.07 x 10-12 m apart. What is EPEfinal - EPEinitial, which is the change in the electric potential energy?

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    r₁=∞ =>PE₁ =0
    r₂= 7.07•10⁻¹² m
    ΔPE= PE₂ - PE₁=PE₂=
    = 9•10⁹•8e(-8e)/ 7.07•10⁻¹²=
    =-9•10⁹•(8•1.6•10⁻¹⁹)² /7.07•10⁻¹²=-
    =2.1•10⁻¹⁵ J

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