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a manufacturer markets 2 products. each unit of Product A requires 3 hours in the moulding department, 4 hours in the Paint Shop, 1 Hour in Finishing. Each unit of B requires 3 hours in moulding, 2 hours Painting, and 2 hours finishing. Each week there are 210 hours available in Moulding, 200 hours in Painting and 120 hours Finishing. Shipping can handle no more than 40 unnits of product A per week. Each unit of product A contibutes $20 to profit, while each unit of Product B contributes $30. Determine how many units of each product should be manufactured per week to maximize profit.

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    maximize p = 20x+30y subject to
    3x+3y <= 210
    4x+2y <= 200
    x+2y <= 120

    20 A and 50 B maximizes profit at 1900

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