Java programming- simulation of rolling dice

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This is what i have so far. I'm supposed to simulate the 4 dice tossed 1 million times . (so a total of 4 million) I'm trying to get the first die(If I can figure out the first one then I can figure out the other 3. So the trouble I am having is that I cant get the face in the output to show the numbers I appointed in the first array die1. How do I get the numbers for die1 to show on the output. Also the frequency is way over the 1 million. How do I get it so that my frequency to stay in the 1 million range (or any other number that the user may input. Really need help for this. Its due tomorrow but I have been working hard at this for the past week. Help would be appreciated! Thank you

import java.util.Random;
import java.util.Scanner;
public class Game_Of_Dice {

public static void main(String[] args) {
Scanner input = new Scanner(;
Random rand = new Random();

int [] die1= {1,8,11,14,19,22,27,30,35,38,41,48}; //This sets up the array for each of the die.
int [] die2 = {2,7,10,15,15,23,26,31,34,39,42,47};//Goes from 0-11 in each of the die.
int [] die3 = {3,6,12,13,17,24,25,32,36,37,43,46};
int [] die4 = {4,5,9,16,20,21,28,29,33,40,44,45};
int temp, times;

System.out.println("We will simulate rolling 4 different dice.");
System.out.println("This will test the hypothesis of the 'go first dice' ");
System.out.println("We will now roll the first die one million times. Please enter the number one million.");
times = input.nextInt();

for (int i = 0; i < times; i++)
temp = rand.nextInt(12);

System.out.println("Face\tFrequency"); //This will print out the face and frequency of the die.
for (int i = 0; i < 12; i++){
System.out.println(i+1 + "\t" + die1[i]);



We will simulate rolling 4 different dice.
This will test the hypothesis of the 'go first dice'
We will now roll the first die one million times. Please enter the number one million.
Face Frequency
1 82932
2 83881
3 83356
4 83071
5 83618
6 82831
7 83422
8 83228
9 83467
10 83284
11 83398
12 83806


  • Java programming- simulation of rolling dice -

    You have made the arrays die1...die4 to do two things:
    1. as a counter (accumulator) for the frequency, and
    2. as the value of the face.
    This is an impossible task, and that explains why the total adds up to more than a million.

    I suggest you make the following changes:
    1. Add a constant integer array, such as pips1[], to store the value of each face.
    2. Initialize die1[]...die4[] to zero (which is the default in Java).
    Proceed as above. Then the total should add up to 1 million.
    Use the pip1[] array to show the value of faces 0-11.
    Good luck!

  • Java programming- simulation of rolling dice -

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