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Hey, just look up the grammar, tenses and wheter I use the right words, ok? It is for an oral excercise so the spelling isen't important.
and now the text:

Mandy: Good Morning and welcome to the morning show with me: Mandy Melrose! Today I wanna talk with you about Youthism. As you all know many celebrities can’t handle the thing of getting older and therefor they do a lot a operations to oppose the process. What did you think about cosmetic operations? Would you do same, too? Or are you afraid of unpleasant consequences? Such as a mistake during or after the operation? I’m interested in your opinion! Call me. The number is 0 5 2 7 2 7 7 7. And now Carly Rea Japson will help me that my Phone will ring!
 Song Call me maybe
Mandy: Hello again, For all of you who just turn the radio on, our today’s topic is Youthism. And I just
ask you to give me a call, as Carly did in her song. And hear is our first caller. Hello! What’s
your name?
Maria: Good morning Mandy. My name is Maria.
Mandy: Hi Maria, what’s your opinion to the Topic? Are you for or against cosmetic operations?
Maria: What a question! I am totally against it In my opinion everyone has to be like god create him.
You have to accept what you look like and you have to accept that you are getting older. That is the way god supposed it to be. God loves you the way you are. Cosmetic operations aren’t a solution! It’s awful to change anything in gods creation.
Mandy: ok, ok. Thank you Maria. Can you tell me how old you are?
Maria: I’m 17 Mandy. Why did you ask?
Mandy: I’m just interested, because you are so young and nevertheless you have a clear opinion to that topic. So what would you do if your best friend, or even your mother would decide to do cosmetic operation?
Maria: No of my friends or family member would do anything to destroy the creation. For sure we all share the same opinion about that. God’s creation is a holy thing for us! And destroy it would be totally against our belief.
Mandy: Thank you Maria for calling me and sharing your opinion with us!
Maria: No problem, you are welcome Mandy. I think all people should respect the Creation.
Mandy: Thank you and after a short advertisement we hear our next caller
 Advertisment
Maria: Here we are again. And we are still with our topic Youthism. I just talked with your first caller
Maria. She was totally against cosmetic operations and think that everyone should respect
God’s creation. I’m excited to know who’s now on the phone.
Hello, Who’s there?
Charlotte (C): Hello this is Charlotte. I’m 22 years old and have already made 5 operations.
Mandy: Hello Charlotte! Oh interesting, 22 and already 5 operations! Which parts of your body aren’t
what they were before? And why did you change them?
C: Well, I had an operation on my nose, my boobs, my ears, liposuction, and lip enhancement. And to your second question, I made it because everyone has the right to look the way they
wanted to look.

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    DO NOT post these things more than once. If someone wants to respond, he or she will find it the first time.

    I'll delete your former post. Please don't do this again.

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    i wont do it again.

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