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College Algebra (Urgent)

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The demand equation for a product is p = 60 – 0.0004x, where p is the price per unit and x is the number of units sold. The total revenue for selling x units is shown below.
Revenue = xp = x(40 – 0.0004x)
How many units must be sold to produce a revenue of $260,000? (Round to the nearest unit. Enter your answers from smallest to largest. Enter NONE in any unused answer blanks.)
x =

units (smaller value)
x = units (larger value)

  • College Algebra (Urgent) -

    you have the formula. Just plug in your numbers:

    260000 = x(40-0.0004x)

    now just solve the quadratic equation for x. First, decide whether to use 40 or 60.

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