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College Algebra

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Use the position equation given below, where s represents the height of the object (in feet), v0 represents the initial velocity of the object (in feet per second), s0 represents the initial height of the object (in feet), and t represents the time (in seconds), as the model for the problem.
s = –16t2 + v0t + s0
You drop a coin from the top of a building that has a height of 972 feet.

(c) How long will it take before the coin strikes the ground? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)


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    since you "dropped" the coin , v = 0


    s = 16t^2 + 972
    when it hits the ground, s = 0
    16t^2 = 972
    t^2 = 60.75
    t = √60.75 = appr 7.79 sec

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