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To the nearest tenth, find the perimeter of ABC with vertices A(-2-2), B(0,5) and C(3,-1).

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    AB=sqrt{(x₂-x₁)²+(y₂-y₁)²} =
    =sqrt{(0-(-2))²+(5-(-2)) ²} =

    BC = sqrt{(x₃-x₂ )²+(y₃-y₂)²} =
    =sqrt{(3-0)²+(-1-5) ²} =

    CA = sqrt{(x₁-x₃ )²+(y₁-y₃)²} =
    =sqrt{(-2-3)²+(-2+1) ²} =

    P=AB+BC+CA = 7.3+6.7+5.1 =14.1

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    19.1 units

    AB= 7.3

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