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The Henry's law constant for CO2(g) in water at 25 °C is 29.4 bar·M–1. Estimate the concentration of dissolved CO2(g) in a carbonated soft drink pressurized with 1.95 bar of CO2(g).

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    p = KC
    1.85 = 29.4C
    Solve for C.

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    Henry's Law says:

    Pressure(gas)=(Henry's Law Constant)(Molarity of the gas)… we are looking for Molarity so we can rewrite the above equation as…

    Molarity of the gas=Pressure(gas)/(Henry's Law Constant)
    so… M=1.95 bar/29.4 barM-1

    the bar units cancel when we divide giving the concentration of the gas in Molarity to be… 0.0663 M

    YAY! hope this helps :)

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