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Using the equipment below, explain how to prepare a 0.00052M HCl solution from a reagent bottle containing 0.13M HCl using only the equipment listed below.
Note, you may make multiple dilutions, but you are not allowed to combine volumes. For example, if you need 2 mLs of a solution, you can not use a 1mL pipette + 1 mL pipette because this introduces error.
Volumetric flasks may only be used as the diluting vessel and may not be used to transfer from one solution to another.

100mL volumetric flask
50mL volumetric flask
10mL volumetric flask
1.00mL pipette
2.00mL pipette
5.00mL pipette
10.00mL pipette
Distilled water

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    Dilute 2.00 mL to 50.0 vol flask. Mix thoroughly. This is solution A.
    Dilute 10 mL of solution A 10.0 mL to 100 mL vol flask. This is solution B which should be 0.00052M
    0.13 x (2.00/50.0) = 0.0052M
    0.0052 x (10.0/100) - 0.00052M

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