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psych statistics

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Martha believes that a relaxation technique involving visualization will help people with mild insomnia fall asleep faster. She randomly selects a sample of 20 participants from a group of mild insomnia patients and randomly assigns 10 to receive visualization therapy. The other 10 participants receive no treatment. Each participant is then measured to see how long (in minutes) it takes him or her to fall asleep. Martha's data are below. The numbers represent the number of minutes each participant took to fall asleep.

No Treatment (X1) Treatment (X2)

22 19
18 17
27 24
20 21
23 27
26 21
27 23
22 18
24 19
22 22

The assignment (1–2 pages):

Please respond to the following questions related to the research study and data presented in the "To Prepare" section.

Should Martha use an independent-samples t-test or a related samples t-test? Explain your answer.

What are the independent and dependent variables?

Using the fact that Martha believes the treatment will reduce the amount of time to fall asleep, state the null and alternate hypotheses.

Would you use a one-tailed or two-tailed test? Explain your response.

What is the df?

Consider that a = .05. Then use Appendix B, Table 2 to determine the critical value, state the value, and how you found it.

Consider that tobt = 1.49. Report the statistical results using the correct format.

What should Martha conclude?

I am very confused, the last paper I did it all wrong. Help please

  • psych statistics -

    dependent variable

    One tail
    df = 9
    t = (dbar-mud)/sd/sqrt(n)
    t = (2-0)/2.9439/sqrt(10)
    t = 2.15
    test statistic = 2.15

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