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A random sample of 400 morning shoppers showed that 130 were men. A random sample of 480 evening shoppers showed 187 to be men. Use a 5% level of significance to test for a significant difference in the proportion of morning and evening male shoppers. What is your conclusion?

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    n1= 400
    x1 = 130
    n2 = 480
    x1 = 187

    phat1 = x1/n1 = 130/400 = .325

    phat2 = x2/n2 = 187/480 = .3896

    pbar = (x1 + x2)/(n1+n2) = (130 +187)/(400+480) = .36
    qbar = 1- pbar = .64

    z = (325- .3896)/sqrt(.36*.64/400+ .36*.64/480)

    z = -1.99
    If p-value greater than alpha
    Fail to reject Ho
    If p-value less than alpha
    Reject Ho

    p-value = 0.047

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