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A(n) 86.6 kg person throws a(n) 0.06 kg snow- ball forward with a ground speed of 42.3 m/s. A second person, of mass 41.5 kg, catches the snowball. Both people are on skates. The first person is initially moving forward with a speed of 2.06 m/s, and the second person is initially at rest.
What is the velocity of the first person im- mediately after the snowball is thrown? Dis- regard friction between the skates and the ice.
Answer in units of m/s

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    The 2nd person does not matter for this problem. To conserve momentum before and after the throw,

    (86.6)(2.06) + 0(0.06) = (86.6)(v) + (42.3)(0.06)

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    thank you!

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