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Math check and help on one part

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Two new drugs are being tested for their effect on the number of days a patient must remain hospitalized after surgery. A control group is receiving a placebo, and two treatment groups are each receiving one of two new drugs, both developed to promote recovery. The null hypothesis is that there is no difference between the means. The results of an analysis of variance used to analyze the data are shown here.

One-way ANOVA: Days versus Group

Source DF SS MS F P
Group 2 11.00 5.50 2.11 0.159
Error 14 36.53 2.61
Total 16 47.53

(a) How many patients were there?
16+1=17 .

(b) How does the table verify that there was one control group and two test groups?
df(Group) = 2.

(c) Using the SS values, verify the two mean square values.
MSG = 5.50/2=2.75 .
MSE = 36.53/14=2.61 .

(d) Using the MS values, verify the F-value. not sure on formula to find this one??

(e) Verify the p-value.
Correct: 0.159 .

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