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How many milliliters of 2.00 M HCl(aq) are required to react with 7.55 g of an ore containing 36.0% Zn(s) by mass?

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    1. construct a balance equation for HCl and Zn reaction and note the mole ratio between HCl and Zn.

    2. calculate the mass of Zn from the ore i.e. 36.0% of 7.55g gives the mass of Zinc.

    3. Calculate the mole of zinc using n = m/Mr where Mr is the molar mass of zinc and m is the mass in grams from 2.

    4. Use the mole of zinc in 3 to determine the mole of HCl using the mole ratio in 1.

    5. with the mole in 4, calculate the v using the formula M = n/v where M is the molarity of HCl, n is the mole in 4 and v is the volume in liters (you need to convert to mL).

    hope that helps.

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