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Describe how to prepare a 0.0100M Solution of oxalate using solid sodium oxalate and a 500mL volumetric flask and water.

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    the desired molarity is 0.01M. The idea is to take a xgrams of sodium oxalate into a 500mL v.flask and dissolve it in water to make 0.01M solution. The xgrams is what you have to calculate.

    1. calculate the moles of sodium oxalate using n = Mv where M is the molarity and v is the volume 500mL in liters.

    2. calculate the molar mass (Mr) of sodium oxalate.

    we have a mole in step 1 and a molar mass in step 2. so we can find the mass using m =nMr where n is the mole, Mr is the molar mass.

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