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1. The dog is black and white.
2. There are two black and white dogs in the kennel.
3. There are two black-and- white dogs in the kennel.

(Are they all grammatical?)

4. The food is a littel too spicy but delicious.

5. The food is a little spicy and delicious.

6. How does the food taste?
- It tastes a little bitter but yummy.

7. How does the food taste like?
- It is kind of salty and spicy.

8. The food is sour and rather/somewhat salty.

(Are they all grammatical? Would you check each sentence? Thank you.)

  • English -

    1 and 3 are correct; 2 is almost correct.

    4. Correct the spelling of "little"

    5. OK

    6. OK

    7. Delete "like" and change "kind of" to "rather" or "somewhat"

    8. OK

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