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ferris wheel one has a 40ft diameter, revolves once every 30 seconds and is 5ft above ground. Ferris wheel two has a diameter of 20feet, revolves once every 15seconds and is 2 feet above the ground.

each angular velocity??

each linear velocity??

  • trig -

    angular velocity:
    1st wheel : 2π rad/30 sec
    = π/15 rad/sec

    2nd wheel : 2π radians/15 sec
    = 2π/15 rad/sec

    linear velocity
    1st wheel:
    circumference = 2π(20) = 40π ft
    linear velocity = 40π/30 ft/sec
    = 4π/3 ft/se

    2nd wheel:
    circumf = 20π
    linear vel. = 20π/15 ft/sec = 4π/3 ft/sec

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