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Can someone have a look at this short paragraph on Vincent Van Gogh? Thank you very much in advance.

1) Vincent was one of the leading exponents of the Neo-impressionism. He had a complex personality and could never find peace within himself.
2) He tended to isolate himself but at the same time he looked for affection. He found comfort only in his brother Theo, the only one who believed in him and provided him with financial and emotional support.
3) This intense affection is expressed in numerous letters exchanged between the two brothers over the years. Vincent once declared that he started painting out of desperation rather than by vocation. In his early years of his artistic career he depicted with great realism the humble Dutch countryside. 4) During his stay in Paris he devoted himself to painting self-portraits, landscapes and still-lives of flowers. In Arles his art achieved its culmination.
5) He painted cypress trees, sunflowers and wheat fields. Many have claimed that wheat field with crows was his last work, seeing the dramatic, cloudy sky filled with crows and the cut-off path as obvious portents of his coming end.

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