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Make an argumentative thesis about the relationship between food and self expressions. Can you please give me some ideas and 3 points

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    What do you want to say about the relationship between food and self expressions?

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    i want to make a positive and negative argument about the relationship between food and self expressions..

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    Do you mean that if you're an omnivore or vegan or vegetarian, your choice of diet indicates an expression of yourself?

    What is a vegan saying about herself?

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    No i am taking English i need to create an essay on the relationship between food and mood. i mean if the person is in a good mood the food turns out delicious and if there mood is not good than the food turns out bad..something like that

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    between cooking food and mood

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    How do you intend to support this thesis?

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    just help me the thesis...i have to compare it to a book but right now i just need my arguments...

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    Food tastes much better to a person in a good mood than in a bad mood.

    I have no idea what your arguments could be used because I haven't experienced any connection between the taste of food and my mood.

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