pllllls heeeeeeeeelp math

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visit this link and answer the question on screen

  • pllllls heeeeeeeeelp math -

    It's trivial:

    1/H_{n} - 1/H_{n-1} =

    [H_{n-1} - H_{n}]/[H_{n}H_{n-1}] =

    -1/[n H_{n}H{n-1}]

  • pllllls heeeeeeeeelp math -

    please tell me answer also

  • pllllls heeeeeeeeelp math -

    How do you proceed after that?

  • pllllls heeeeeeeeelp math -

    In the image the equals sign is a typographical error

  • pllllls heeeeeeeeelp math -

    thanks for the info..I've just got the answer..:)

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