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Professor Smith gives only a midterm exam and a final exam. The average is computed by taking 1/3 of the midterm exam score and 2/3 of the final exam score. To get a “C” or better students must have at least 70 semester average.

If Laura scored only a 59 on the midterm, what is the minimum score would she have to get on the final in order to get a C or better?

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    (1/3)(59) + (2/3)F ≥ 70
    times 3
    59 + 2F ≥ 210
    2F ≥ 151
    F ≥ 75.5

    check: suppose she got 80
    Final mark = (1/3)59 + (2/3)80= 73 , OK
    suppose she got 75
    Final mark = 59/3 + (2/3)(75 = 69.666... which is < 70

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