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I have to compsre revenge in Wuthering Heights by Emily bronte and the contemporary issue of politics. I am doing a powerpoint presentation and it should be 5 minutes long. So what do you suggest my slides be and howmany. Please help me I really don't know how to compare them and in what ways..

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    I suggest you list the characteristics and examples of revenge in Wuthering Heights. Then, on another piece of paper list the characteristics and examples of revenge in modern politics.

    One slide could be the revenge in the book and the following slide show the similar revenge in politics.

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    no more? do you think 5 minutes will b dne by just tht

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    You'll need several pairs of slides. You should have several items in each of the lists you make.

    Each item on your lists could be separate slides.

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    yes but I don't knw much abut the politics part..

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    It's time for you to research that topic.

    Google such terms as
    politics revenge

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    Writeacher gave you several good ideas.

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