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1. Hitler became the leader of Germany when?
A. his army staged a coup d'etat against the government
B. the German people elected him president
C. his party won a majority in the Reichstag
D. the president of the Weimar Republic appointed him chancellor
I said D.

2. The British government did not declare war after Hitler took Czechoslovakia, rather it followed a policy of
A. isolation
B. collective security
C. appeasement
D. balance of power
I said A.

3. The new weapon that made trench warfare necessary was
A. the airplane
B. the tank
C. poison gas
D. the machine gun
I said B.

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    Your first answer is correct. I disagree with your other two answers.

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    Number 2 and 3 are wrong, 2 is c and 3 is d those ones are correct.

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