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1)what aspect of the government of the chartered companies would be considered democratic?
a)the assignment of a gouvernment
b)the right to fail or succeed
c)the beaver aristocracy
d)the representative body
e)the monopoly on the fur trade
i put d

2)which term would least apply to the concept of royal government?
b)centralized(bought under one source of control)
d)authoritarian(favoring obedience to authority rather than individual freedom)
e)absolutist(where the power of the ruler is not restricted

i put d

can you help me pklease not sure of the answers

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    I think both of your answers are wrong.

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    i put e for number 1 and b for number 2

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    I'm sorry, but I misread your original answers.

    1 is d.

    2. is perhaps e.

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