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I urgently need someone to check this summary of O. Wilde's The nightingale and the rose. Thank you very much in advance.

1) Oscar Wilde's work titled "The Nightingale and the Rose" is a fairytale. Wilde begins the fairytale with a central character who is a young male student.
2) A girl promised to dance with him on condition that he brought her red roses, but he did not find any red rose; there were white roses and yellow roses, but he could not find red roses.
3) Four characters from nature started talking about him. A little Green Lizard, a Butterfly and a Daisy asked why he was weeping, and the Nightingale replied that he was weeping for a red rose.
4) The three characters believed that weeping for a red rose was ridiculous. The Nightingale, who understood the Student, started to fly until she saw a Rose-tree.
5) She asked the tree to give her a red rose, and she promised, in exchange, to sing her sweetest song. However, the Rose-tree told her that his roses were white, and he sent the Nightingale to his brother.
6) The Nightingale went to see this new Rose-tree but the Rose-tree told her that his roses were yellow and sent the Nightingale to his brother. When she arrived, the Rose-tree said that his roses were red, but that the winter had chilled his veins, so he could not give her a red rose.
7) He told her that if she wanted a red rose, she had to build it out of music by moonlight and stain it with her own heart's blood. She had to sing to the Rose-tree with her breast against a thorn. The Nightingale said that death was a great price to pay for a red rose, but she finally accepted.

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