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Advantages and Disadvantages of School Lunches

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead once said this, which means that we as Americans need to make a difference. It does not matter the size of how many people want to or who wants to as long as they are willing to do what it takes. There is one main issue that is hurting our world, and it is schools not giving kids enough food for lunch. There are many ways we can change it such as the following: proposing more videos, posting signs, and forming a petition.
The main issue in the world is school lunches. In fact, due to Michelle Obama’s proposal schools have reduced the ounces of meat per serving we get and given us more fruits and vegetables to eat. Also, the type of milk that we are served is now low fat or reduced milk because it supposed to lower sodium and the amount of fat we receive. The government is doing this so we can have a healthier diet and get less food. Meanwhile, a school called Zephyrhills High has students complaining about a serving of nachos, milk, juice, a cup of pear sauce and some vegetables and if you want more you have to pay. "I'm a big guy," said Shemar Branch, 16, a junior who plays linebacker on the Bulldogs football team. “I've got to have a lot more food than this." Therefore, elementary students have to have 650 calories. Middle school students have to have 700 calories. High school students have to have 850 calories. You’ve got to be kidding me if the government hasn’t seen it on the Internet; kids are starving like me when they get home. When they get home, they eat everything in the house that is edible. We have many solutions to fix this problem. For example, to propose more videos, post signs, and form a petition to get the government to change their mind and get them interested. There are videos all over the world especially the hit-time video of the song “We are Young” by Fun and Janelle Monae changing it to “We are Hungry.” If people create videos it will make the government hopefully change their mind. Second, people posting signs around the world, the government cannot help but see them. People could create signs that stand out with glittering generalities and words that sound like “Don’t be Obese, Eat Meat.” Third, forming petitions around the world can also be very valuable, plus you know the media is going to be on the scene. Most people already know when the media is there, it’s going to be everywhere. To be more specific, you can go to websites and sign petitions. In addition, you can start your own by going to a free website to start one yourself.
All in all, school lunches are a big problem in our nation, but it can be solved by these solutions: proposing more videos, posting signs, and forming a petition. This issue needs to be handled before it gets worse. The new school lunch policy is neither good nor bad. It helps us, but it also badly affects us. Take a stand; be the voice! We need to get rid of this policy.

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    Your essay is so far over the top that it's ridiculous.

    "There is one main issue that is hurting our world, and it is schools not giving kids enough food for lunch."

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    Is that good or bad?

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