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In the titration of 14.0 mL of 0.10M acetic acid with 0.40 M NaOH,
(A) How many mL of NaOH needed to completely neutralize the acid? Given the balanced equation:
CH3COOH (aq) + NaOH (aq) 􏰀 CH3COO Na (aq) + H2O

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    How many mols acetic acid did you use? That's M x L = ?
    Now use the equation coefficients to convert mols acetic acid to mols NaOH. That's a 1:1 ratio; therefore, mols NaOH = same as mols acetic acid.
    Then M NaOH = mols NaOH/L NaOH. You have mols and M NaOH, solve for L NaOH and convert to mL.

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