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Grade 12 Calculus

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solve cosx= (squareroot3)/ 2 where 0 <(with a line underneath) x <(with a line underneath) 2 pie
a) how many solutions are possible?
b) in which quadrants would you find the solutions?
c) determine the related angle for the equation.
d) determine all the solutions for the equation

  • Grade 12 Calculus -

    we know that
    cos π/6 = √3/2
    cos(π±x) = -cos(x)
    cos(2π±x) = cos(x)

  • Grade 12 Calculus -

    Steve is correct with the reasoning. Anyways, the answers are:

    a) 2
    b) I and IV
    c) π/6 radians (30 degrees) and -π/6 (330 degrees)
    d) 2nπ ± π/6 radians (n=any integer)

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