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If a ferris wheel with a 20.5 meter radius, how high would one car be from the loding dock at these given angles trveled by the rider?:
and 540?

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    I will do of these,

    for 135° :
    assume the axle is 20.5 above the ground

    height above axle:
    sin135 = h/20.5
    h = 20.5sin135 = appr 14.5 m
    so height above the ground = 20.5 + 14.5 = 35

    for 315°

    height from axle :
    sin 315 = h/20.5
    h = 20.5sin135 = appr - 14.5
    notice the position would be BELOW the axle
    so height above ground = 20.5 - 14.5 = 6 m

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