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kyle gave 1/4 cookies to her brother, gave 23 cookies to her friend. He gave 2/10 of remaining cookies to his mother. Then took 5/8 to school to share. how many cookies did Kyle have left

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    If Kyle started with x cookies,
    brother got x/4
    friend got 23
    mother got 2/10 (3/4 x - 23)
    school got 5/8 * 8/10 (3/4 x - 23)

    In order for the remainder to be an integer, we need (3/4 x - 23) to be a multiple of 10. So, let's say it's 10.

    Kyle started out with 44
    brother got 11, leaving 33
    friend got 23, leaving 10
    mother got 2, leaving 8
    school got 5, leaving 3 left over

    Actually, the problem's a little squishy, as there are many possible answers. I think a condition was left out, wrong, or too vague.

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