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Social Studies

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In China, Confucius wrote down his philosophy which explained how people should live their lives. Confucianism teaches that each person should accept his or her role in society. Confucisanism became the basis for order and respect and was central in governing China. The relationships and teachings of Confucius were studied for "civil service" exams. These exams were taken by Chinese citizens in hopes of scoring well and getting a good paying job in the Chinese government. Central to Confucius teaching are relationships and social roles. There are five great relationships

1.Kindness in the father and obedience in the son
2.Kindness in the older brother and respect by the younger brother
3.Good behavior by the husband and respect by the wife
4.Gentle respect by seniors and admiration and respect for them by young people
5.Generosity by rulers and loyalty to the ruler by their subjects
If these attitudes are practiced there will be harmony among all

15.What impact did Confucius have on Chinese society?
How to behave to your family
16.Why would a government adopt this philosophical idea?
because it explained how people should live their lives
17.Based on the five relationships what type of society was China striving for?
18.Would a government today benefit from this same philosophy?Why or why not
Yes because it teaches the basis for order and respect. it teaches relationships and social roles and shows you how to be nicer to your family and how to behave

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    I like your answers for 15 and 18. However, you missed the boat on 16 and 17.

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    What do they mean what kind of society fir number 17

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    Confucius was striving for an organized, respectful and efficient society.

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