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Help is what I need.. and unfortunately I need this in like 2 computer crashed with all my work so please anyone help...
Write a console application that has a furniture and appliance dealership
needs you to create a sales screen to allow the salesperson to figure out a customer’s order.
Sales person will need to be able to Calculate order total
Clear (ability to reset an order if needed)
Exit Screen needs to have company name, address, and phone.
Allow the salesperson to select from 5 pieces of furniture or appliances (your choice), the selection will be made from a list on the screen; the list will include furniture or appliances plus prices.
Screen needs to have:
List of 5 items with their product number and price.
Product number 1 – 5
Number of items ordered
Months to pay

Product ordered name and amount
Number of items ordered
Months to pay
Monthly payment
Total amount of order
Calculated screen needs to show their choice of the above items, calculated total price and monthly payment.

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