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1. Murder implies malice, whereas __________ does not.
A. manslaughter
B. willful homicide
C. forcible rape
D. aggravated assault

is it A

2. __________ involves sexual intercourse with a corpse.
A. Pederasty
B. Bestiality
C. Necrophilia
D. Buggery

is it C

3. Fred Brown gets into an argument with neighbor Marvin Smith over Smith's loud stereo. Brown comes at Smith with clenched fists shouting, "Turn it off or I'll beat your brains out." Smith responds by making an obscene gesture. Brown punches Smith in the jaw, breaking it. The police are called, and Brown is arrested and charged with:
A. assault.
B. assault and battery.
C. aggravated assault.
D. menacing.

is it B

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    Correct. :)

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