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Could somebody check this for me please?
My name is Damian Donarski I'm ten years old. I live in Bournemouth now,but I was born In Poland. I live here with my family, which has three members my parents and me. I like playing football with my friends.

My mum is 37 years old,she is tall and has blonde hair.
She likes spending time with me, and also likes helping other people.
She is very understanding and caring , i can share many things with her and ask her about any doubt.

My dad is 34 years old,he is also tall, but has dark hair. He likes fishing very much.
The best thing about him is that he explains me whatever mistake i have made.
My Parents have their own business, they help older people to make their life easier.

I love my family because they are wonderful , they are very much supportive , they are my inspiration in life . Im sure that i have a great family because we are always do our best to help ourselves to reach our goal. We are hand to hand in every situation both bad and good.

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    This is a beautiful tribute to your parents. :-)

    Here are a few minor corrections.

    My name is Damian Donarski. I'm ten years old. A period is needed after Donarski to separate the two sentences.

    I can share many things with her . . . The pronoun I must always be capitalized.

    My dad is 34 years old; he is also tall, but has dark hair. A semicolon or period is needed after old.

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    Thank you very much from Damian Donarski

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    You're very welcome.

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