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A pump is required to lift a mass of 850 of water per minute from a well of depth 14.8 and eject it with a speed of 17.7 .

Part A

How much work is done per minute in lifting the water?

Part B

How much in giving the water the kinetic energy it has when ejected?

Part C

What must be the power output of the pump?


    Your numbers require dimensions.




    work to lift = m g h = 850 * 9.81 * 14.8 =123409.8 J/min

    work for Ke = (1/2)(850)(17.7)^2 =133148.25J/min

    C) add those and divide by 60 to get Joules/second or Watts
    =(123409.8+133148.25)/60=4276 J/sec or W

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