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1. Chemists define pH as "the negative logarithm of the concentration of protons". In mathematical terms:
pH = - log [H+]

What is the pH of a solution whose [H+] is 0.0007 M?

i got it as 7.0 i know it is wrong

2. What is the [H+] in a solution having a pOH of 6 ?
isn't it supposed to add to 14? so 8? but it didn't work

  • Chemistry -

    pH = -log(H^+)
    pH = -log(7E-4)
    pH = -(-3.15)
    pH = 3.15

    pH + pOH = pKw = 14
    pH + 6 = 14
    pH = 8
    The problems asks for (H^+); therefore,
    pH = -log(H^+)
    8 = -log(H^+)
    -8 = log(H^+)
    (H^+) = 1E-8

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