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1. Bone is formed from the deposition of __________ into connective tissue

A. Calcium and Phosphate
B.Sodium and potassium
C. potassium and calcium
D. Sodium and Phosphate
E Actin and myosin

2. The major disadvantage of exoskeletons is
A. Animal outgrows it
B. it is not repairable
C. it is less strong than endoskeleton
D.cannot provide leverage
E. none of the above

3. Most muscles in humans are found in match pair of
A.smooth and striated
B.extensor and flexor
C.voluntary and involuntary
D. slow and fast twitch
E contractors and relaxors

4. most delicate motions are possible in hands then thighs due to _________ in the muscles that drive the hand.
A. high number of motor units
B. low number of motor units
C. longer sarcolemma
D. a higher number of T tubles
E A and B

my answers


  • Biology -

    Question 3
    I Think the answer is actually d- slow and fast twitch. Reference Hoefnagels "Biology concepts and investigations" page 595 28.6 B. Muscles contain slow and fast twitch fibers.

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