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the present age of a father and his son are in the ratio 10:3. if the son is 15 years old now, in how many years will the ratio of their age be 2:1?

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    father --- 10x
    son -------3x

    3x = 15
    x = 5
    son is now 15 and father is now 50

    in t years,
    (50+t)/(15+t) = 2/1
    30+2t = 50+t
    t = 20

    in 20 years , the father will be 70 and the son will be 35
    (which is in the ratio of 2:1 )

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    The arithmetic mean of x y and z is 6 while x y z t u v and w is 9 calculate the arithmetic mean of t u v and w.

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