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A sample of argon gas at STP occupies 56.2 liters. Find the number of moles of argon and the mass in the sample

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    1 mol occupies 22.4 L at STP. Solve for n, then n = grams/molar mass. You know molar mass and n, solve for grams.
    OR you may use PV = nRT to solve for n.

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    PV = nRT

    n = PV/RT @ STP T= 0+273k; P = 1atm R = 0.821 L- atm/mol-K

    n = 1atm(56.2L)/0.821 L- atm/mol-K(273k)
    n = 2.50 mole
    2.50 moles of Ar =39.984g of Ar/1mole of Ar

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