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Can you please help me?I think the first question I posted the answer is 3G+30

  • Ms.Sue -

    Ben conserves water in his home.He conserves 3 gallons each time he turns off the faucet when brushing his teeth.He conserves 30 gallons by running the dishwasher once a day instead of twice a day. What expression represents the total number of gallons,g,Ben saves each day?

    3g+30 or. 30g+30

    I passed this question by because we don't know how many times he brushes his teeth each day.

  • Ms.Sue -

    I think it is 3G+30. I can't figure out the situation problem.I'm good at subtraction situations but I keep drawing a blank on the addition.

  • Ms.Sue -

    Assuming he brushes his teeth only once a day, the expression would be

    3 + 30 = g

  • Ms.Sue -

    It doesn't give me that as an option.I have another question.
    Write an situation that can be represented by 6n+4.
    Is this right?
    Brooke has n number of coins that are worth $6 each.If she also has 4 dollar bills in her purse,how much does she have in total?

  • Ms.Sue -

    What are your options for your first question?

    For the second one. The U.S. doesn't have any coins worth $6.00 each. The largest coin is $1.00

    Try that one again!

  • Ms.Sue -

    The options are

  • Ms.Sue -

    3G + 30 is right.

  • Ms.Sue -

    Thank you sooooooo much for your help.You're awesome!

  • Ms.Sue -

    You're very welcome. :-)

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