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Math 7th Geometery

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I have a complex figure like a U shape.

I understand the formula for this is l x w = a

Can you show me the steps?

31m is parael to 31m this would be the height (sides of the U)?? or is this the width?

Length 69m
Width is on the right top of U 23m.

Inside the middle of the U23m

Inside the middle side 12m

So confused can anyone help?

  • Math 7th Geometery -

    I think I got your figure.
    I assume that the height of the inside of the U is 12 m

    continue those height to the base, you now have 3 rectangles, the two outside ones are equal and are
    31 by 23
    The smaller one at the base is 23 by (31-12)
    or 23 by 19

    total area = 2(31)(23) + (23(19)
    = 1426 + 437 = 1863

  • Math 7th Geometery -

    yes hieght is 12m

    Yes 3 rectangles.

    yes two outside ones equal 31 by 23

    Yes smaller one at the base is 23m

    Yes all right. your awesome! This was a tough one for me. But you helped me see where I was confused.

    Thank you so much.

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