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Composite figure finding area.

Is this right my answer I came out with is 323.5 cm?


A=22cm x 17cm = 374

(Long side is 22cm, Width is 17cm.)


A = 1/2 x b x h
A = 1/2 x 19cm ( no height given)

So then, I added the rectangle and trinagle sum together and came with 323.5 cm.

I know there is something wrong with my calcualtions. Please help?

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    what question is being asked

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    Is my answer right? Also, if not is my triangle formula wrong?

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    Can't tell if ans. is right if I don't know the question.

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    Composite figure finding area.


    A=22cm x 17cm = 374 area of rectangle

    (Long side is 22cm, Width is 17cm.)


    A = 1/2 x b x h
    A = 1/2 x 19cm ( no height given)
    A= 9.5 area of Triangle

    I added 323.5cm + 9.5cm = 333cm area of the composite figure.

    Is the the right answer 333cm area of the composite figure?

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    If no height is given for the triangle, you cannot find the area. Does the triangle share a side with the rectangle? Could it be that the height of the triangle is one of the sides of the rectangle?
    Your area for the rectangle is correct.

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    Sorry I added 374.5 (actual calculation of rectangle area) to 9.5 = 384cm total area of the composite figure is what I meant to type.

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    Yes I see what your saying. The bottom of the triangle though is apart of the side of the rectangle. But just a small portion of it. I knew my triangle something was off.

    A = 1/2 x 10cm???x 19cm

    The rectangle 10cm is paraelle to 22cm.

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    I think I figured it out. The triangle.

    A= 1/2 x bxh
    A = 1/2 x 19 x 12 = 114cm area of for Triangle.

    I got the 12 because the paraelel side of 10 is 22 of the rectangle. So the triangle looks like (attached to rect.) it is 12cm.

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    Good job.

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