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Grammar (Ms. Sue)

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Complete each sentence below, using an objective pronoun. Then, tell how each pronoun is used in the sentence.

1). Skipping rope is a good form of exercise. Some athletes use (?) in their jumping.
2). My sister loves to jump rope. It gives (?) a chance to exercise and have fun.
3). My mother gave my friends and (?) a long jump rope to use for our game.
4). I taught (?) a rhyme to sing while we jumped.
5). It was hard for some of (?) to jump and sing at the same time.

My answers are:
1). It (object of preposition)
2). her(object of preposition)
3). me ( direct object)
4). them (object of preposition)
5). them (object of preposition)

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    All of your pronouns are correct. However, 1, 2, and 5 are not objects of prepositions.

    Study this list of prepositions.

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    My answers for question #1,#2, and #5 are: 1). indirect object
    2). direct object
    5). indirect object

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    Am I correct?

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    I'm sorry, but I had a typo in my earlier response.

    5. is correct. It is the object of a preposition.

    1, 2, and 4 are not objects of prepositions.

    Your answers for the others are still wrong.

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    1). Direct object
    2). Indirect object
    4). Direct object?

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