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Grammar (Ms. Sue)

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Complete each sentence, using a nominative pronoun. Identify how the pronoun is used in the sentence.

1). Yesterday, my little sister Jessica
and(?) played hopscotch on the sidewalk.
2). It was (?) who drew the hopscotch board with chalk.
3). (?) collected rocks to mark our places on the hopscotch board.
4). (?) kept getting stuck on number six.
5). It was (?) who finally won the game.

My answers are:

1). I ( subject)
2). I (predicate)
3). she (subject)
4). It (subject)
5). I (predicate)

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    They are all correct. :-)

    You might want to use a different subject pronoun for 4, though. It is both a subject and an object pronoun. How about using "We?"

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    May I presume "We" is a subject?

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -


    Subject pronouns: I, we, he, she

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    Thank you.

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    You're welcome.

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