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Please check my answers! Thanks :)

1. In Yeats’s poem “The Second Coming,” the falcon and the falconer are images that most likely represent

*something out of control and unnatural.
the beauty and abundance of nature.
a sad, uncomfortable image of old age.

2. Based on Yeats’s poems “Sailing to Byzantium” and “When You are Old,” he most likely views old age and death as being ________.

mystical and exciting.
restful and peaceful.
*sad and depressing.

3. Which of the following words contains the suffix -ice meaning "the state or quality of"?

Read each sentence. Select correct if the sentence does not need any commas. Select incorrect if the sentence needs a comma or commas.

4. I waved at Jack, and he nodded.

5. Our system is alert to invasion by germs, and quickly sends out protective whitecells.

Thanks again!

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    I disagree with your answer for 3. The others are correct.

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    Check your text for number 4. Some grammarians would eliminate the comma between two such short clauses.

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    Thanks for the help! For 3, is it advice, for the state of advising?

    I think that 4 does not need the comma, but the wording of the question confused me for 5. 5 does not need any MORE commas, but it needs the commas it has :/ I think the question could have ben worded better...

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    4 is avarice.

    5 does not need any commas. It's a simple sentence with a compound predicate.

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    Number 1 was " out of control and natural"

    Number 2 was "sad and depressing"

    Number 3 was "avarice" not advice

    Number 4 with the long Jack rode his bike and nodded back cheerfully was "correct"

    Number 5 with the system alert was "incorrect"

    Make sure you pay attention to these answers or else you will fail. I got a 60% when I did this so I know that these are the right answers to get a 100%. Don't make the mistake I did.

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    Trust "U"
    He was 100% correct

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