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Algebra 2....

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1. An artist is designing triangular mirrors. Determine the number of different triangles that she can form using the given measurements. Then solve the triangles. Round to the nearest tenth.

a=4.2 cm b= 5.7 cm measure angle A= 39 degrees

2. What angle in the first quadrant could you reference to help you find the sine and cosine of each of the following angles?
a. 330 degrees
b. 120 degrees
c. 113 degrees
d. 203 degrees

3. Solve for x.

**I need help especially on this.4. Sketch a unit circle. In your circle, sketch in an angle that has:

a. A positive cosine and a negative sine.
b. A sine of -1.
c. A negative cosine and a negative sine.
d. A cosine of about -0.9 and a sine of about 0.4.
e. Could an angle have a sine equal to 0.9 and cosine equal to 0.8? Give an example angle or explain why not?

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