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15.We cannot have a peaceful and just society so long as any one race is required to be (responsive submissive) to another

16.I didn't have time to write a letter to Lucy, but I (appended enumerated) a few sentences to my sister's letter expressing my congratulations

17.Instead of working so hard to prepare (replicas allegiances) Of famous works of art why don't you try to create something original

18.Only seven members of the Security Council voted on the resolution; the others (abstained appended)

19.When he felt low he found that singing (exalted amalgamated) his spirits

20.It remains to be seen how (responsive glum) the students will be to the new method of teaching mathematics

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    Yay! Again, all of these are right.

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    Thank you, Ms.Sue! :)

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    You're welcome, Jerald.

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