Literature ?! Check my answers?

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1. Which poem compares an athlete's drive to compete to a wild animal?
A: "The Women's 400 Meters"
B: *"To James"
C: "Slam, Dunk, & Hook"

2 The word antagonize, often used in sports, means "to provoke hostility." The word contains the root anti-, meaning "against." Which of the following words contains the same root?
B: anticipation
C: *antidepressant

3.Reading your poem aloud is especially helpful in
A: correcting any spelling mistakes.
B:* making sure that sound devices are effective.
C: crafting the final title for the poem.

My answers: B C B
Are they correct?

  • Literature ?! Check my answers? -

    I don't know about 1. The others are correct.

  • Literature ?! Check my answers? -

    1. The Women's 400 Meters
    2. Antidepressant
    3. Making sure that sound device are effective

  • Literature ?! Check my answers? -

    The first is A just took the test.

  • Literature ?! Check my answers? -

    A is slam, duck, and hook

  • Got it right -


  • Literature ?! Check my answers? -

    trust me i just took it

  • Literature ?! Check my answers? -

    Yep you are right Alyssa! CCB! THANKS

  • Literature ?! Check my answers? -

    CCB! just took test too!

  • Literature ?! Check my answers? -

    CCB! CCB! CCB! CCB! does work lol connexus academy.... 100%

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