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History please help

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Which of the following issues was not on the agenda of the National Organization for Women in the late 1960s a and early 1970s?

a. Women should have equal employment opportunities.

B. Child care needed to be regulated and more readily available.

c. Abortion rights should be legalized.

d. The legal system should be modified to allow no-fault divorces.

e.None of these.

I know they had to do with equal employment and abortion not sure about the others

  • History please help -

    No-fault divorces apparently was not endorsed by NOW. It seems that some chapters oppose no-fault divorces as being detrimental to women.

  • History please help -

    thank you that was the one I was leaning towards because I couldn't really find anything about it in textbook

  • History please help -

    I found one site that said the New York chapter of NOW fought against having no-fault divorces. That cinched it for me. :-)

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